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EASY Application Instructions*

Your decal has 3 layers!  Top is Transfer Tape, Middle is Vinyl Decal, Back is Paper Backing

STEP 1 - SURFACE PREPARATION:   Wash and dry the area of application.  Hint!  It's a good idea to re-clean the area again with rubbing alcohol to remove ANY grease or wax, your decal will NOT stick on an unclean surface.

STEP 2 - POSITION THE DECAL:  Temporarily position the decal in the desired location with two small pieces of masking tape (one to each upper corner of the decal's transfer tape) securing the paper-backed decal to the vehicle's surface. Using a yard stick or tape measure, align the decal as desired with the window or body section. Hint:  Step back and assess the 'temporary' position;  car decals usually look best when parallel with the ground.

STEP 3 - HINGE THE DECAL:  Affix a long piece of masking tape along the top of the decal with about half of the tape on the decal & half on the vehicle's surface. This will make a large top-hinged 'flap'.  Hint!  If you have a horizontally long decal (such as a 'stick family'), you can make the one long flap into several smaller ones for easier application by placing 2 or 3 evenly spaced vertical cuts between characters while the whole decal is hinged.  Be sure NOT to cut any of the vinyl decal!

STEP 4 - REMOVING PAPER BACKING:  With the large hinged 'flap' raised upward - begin to peel the wax paper backing off the decal (exposing the sticky side of the decal). Use care to only expose top half of the decal. DON'T LET THE STICKY PART OF THE DECAL TOUCH THE VEHICLE SURFACE YET!

STEP 5 - START DECAL APPLICATION:  With the wax paper backing peeled half way down, begin to apply the decal's sticky side to the vehicle surface with the smooth edge of a credit card.   Working from the top where the masking tape is attached, use small, even strokes horizontally across the decal. ONLY APPLY THE TOP HALF OF THE DECAL BEFORE GOING ANY FURTHER.

STEP 6 - CONTINUE DECAL APPLICATION:  Continue bonding the decal with a sweeping horizontal motion, starting at the top and working towards the bottom. Proceed to remove the backing paper as necessary until completed

STEP 7 - SQUEEGEE AND TRANSFER TAPE REMOVAL:  Once the decal's sticky side is applied to the surface, wipe over the transfer tape/decal with an application squeegee or credit card edge, with increasingly firmer pressure. Almost there!  Carefully peel away the top-layer transfer tape away from vehicle, paying close attention to NOT lift the vinyl decal away from the surface.  If this happens, stop and re-squeegee the transfer tape over the area that was lifting to ensure a better bond of decal to surface and then continue to slowly remove transfer tape.  Congratulations, you've just installed your custom cut decal which should provide many years of enjoyment!

Should you have ANY questions, please email or write
FamilyCarStickers.US , P.O. Box 570, Middleburg, FL 32050
Phone (904) 819-0210  9:00 AM-6:00 PM EST

*Instructions are for application of computer-cut decals on transfer tape to glass, paint, plastic or metal in GOOD condition applied in a mild climate 60 to 80 Degrees F. 
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