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- A big thumbs up for the 8 stick people I ordered from your company. You had a 'stick' person that pretty much matched every member of the family - how did you figure that out? These were a Birthday gift for my wife and she smiles every time she sees them! This has been a gift that has not been forgotten. Take Care, Carl P.

- Your decals look so nice on our van! They arrived just a few days after ordering and were even easier to install than I expected. They are a HIT with my family and I've since suggested your company to several relatives too. Thanks, Mandy R.

- We love our dog decals for Jessie and Wes. My husband was so impressed by the detail of Wes' sticker (he's a West Highland Terrier) and we're happy to get them in silver too. We are genuinely pleased! Heather G.

- Just ordered 6 different stickers at your site. Two for our cars, some dogs for a friend and flip-flops for my 18-year old niece. Installation was so easy with your instructions, in fact, the decals look even better applied than they did in photos. The pink flip-flops really stand out on the dark glass and I cannot tell you how many waves I've gotten with the stick people on our cars! These are so much fun, we're giving them as gifts to almost everyone on our list this Christmas. Thanks so Much, Beth C.

- I am simply stunned that you made and delivered the batch of stickers for our Summer camp with such short notice! The kids loved them and we thank you again for making it happen when the local shops couldn't help. Why can't everything be this easy? A very happy customer, Anne K.

- I am in LOVE with my decals! I've gotten tons of compliments and questions since they are so different than what everybody else has. They got here fast and made my day. All the best, Jessica L.

- Greetings from Michigan! I've been using your pet tags since 1980 and was frustrated to not find your familiar display at my local veterinarian. The vet staff said you were online and what a surprise! You had about 10 times the selection than what I remembered and not only did I get two bones and a pet necklace, I saw you were offering vinyl dog decals too! I'd seen these on the road but just didn't know where to buy? As with your tags, you had a giant selection and my beagles are now proudly displayed on my car. A devoted customer, Karen H.

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